What do Zodiac Signs Mean

You have heard of zodiac signs, but perhaps you are not too familiar with what each sign means, and how different people's star line-ups respond to one another. If you want to know more, this guide will help you to figure out the positive and negative traits of a few signs that you will recognize, as well as how you will get along with others based on the temperament that comes along with your personal astrology.


If you are born under this sign, you are most likely very ambitious, and can be selfish at times. The Aires sign likes to be in charge, and is usually a very good leader. Aries are also very honest, and they do not beat around the bush--this means you are very good at speaking your mind, and do not have a problem communicating with others. As a friend, you are loyal, and have many different types of friends. Yours is part of zodiac signs that are loyal to those around you. You may ask your friends for huge favors, but you would do the same for them in return.


The Taurus is very logical, and can be counted on to finish a task they start. They have no interest in glamour or attention, and have lots of common sense. However, they will not settle for less than the best, and are great at taking care of their families and careers. You may not make friends easily if you are a Taurus, but once you know that you can trust somebody, they are your friend for life, and you do not mind spoiling them.


Gemini’s are truly the life of the party; they find a way to talk to anyone about any subject. If you are a Gemini, you are most likely very fun to be around, and continue to keep your friends entertained with your spontaneous actions. However, you may find that you have problems with intimacy, and tend to remove yourself from a situation if it gets too 'deep'. You are professionally successful, and cannot stay in one place for too long, but you should be careful to be a man/woman of your word and finish what you start.


If you are loving, protective, and nurturing, chances are you are a cancer. Few of the zodiac signs are as nurturing as the Cancer, and you will most likely make a great parent. You tend to be a packrat and are very sentimental, so it can be hard for you to get rid of old things. Nevertheless, you have a great memory, and you can never say no to a friend. However, you expect that friend to be there for you in your time of need as well.