Jyotisha Indian Hindu Astrology

Jyotisha or Hindu astrology sometimes referred to as Indian or Vedic astrology is an ancient system of astrology and astronomy and is one of the six disciplines of Vedanga, the auxiliary disciplines of the Vedic religion.

Zodiac sign astrology used to be a far more common practice in western society than it is nowadays. In some parts of the world, Indian Vedic astrology is more of a way of life. Similar to western beliefs, the Vedic version can help you choose a profession, a mate or even a doctor. However, the goal is to create a fusion between body and mind, by expanding consciousness and achieving a state of total bliss, and also by nourishing the body through a healthy vegetarian diet.

Vedic astrology is believed to be more accurate than the Western and Chinese forms of zodiac readings. This is because you can find out the exact alignment of the planets using the Indian system, as well as discovering how your sign reacts to each of those planets.

With other readings, you may only find out your planet alignment, or your sun/moon relation. For instance, the Aries sun makes folks born under this sign intelligent, wealthy, and powerful, while the Aries Jupiter indicates that this person will have a happy marriage, have many children, and is in a high position. You will also discover which days of the current month are best for you and even see which stones to avoid wearing.

The details of each sign are much more abundant when using Indian astrology as well. You may find that for instance, the Gemini is destined to become skilled in the areas of math and science, but this sign must be careful in love. The Gemini suns indicate that folks born under this sign can be shy and reserved, are very polite but can be critical of others. The moon shows that Geminians are creative, fond of the opposite sex, are great speakers, and will live a long life.

By using the Indian astrology system, you can even find out how your health will progress within the next few years, and which health problems you should watch out for based on your sign. This has proven to be a big help to some folks, since your physical features as outlined in your horoscope, are accurate in the majority of cases. For instance, Geminians tend to have problems in the throat and bronchial areas of the body. Leos will have to work hard not to have anxiety attacks too often, and Scorpio has a tendency to be unhealthy due to its Saturn reading, but can improve this if he or she is not reckless.

Specific cautions about money and relationships are also a big part of Indian astrology. Many folks rely on this system in order to find the direction they need in life, or to be mindful of certain things that could take place in their futures.

Practitioners of Jyotisha lead a very holistic way of life in both the physical and spiritual sense. Similar to western astrology, Indian astrology derives its information from the solar system, but it is a far more encompassing means of living. As well as foretelling the future, Hindu astrology aims to bring a person's physical and spiritual self into synch. Irrespective of which discipline you choose to follow, the purpose of the teachings is to offer guidance.