Chinese Zodiac Sign Astrology

If you are familiar with the traditional zodiac signs, you may want to know a little more about Chinese zodiac sign astrology, and how each of the animal symbols symbolize a certain personality that you may be able to relate to.

This form of zodiac astrology is also a little different in that each animal has a year that belongs to it, meaning that the energy of that year is governed by that animal sign. Here are a few examples to give you a better understanding of this ancient Asian astrology.

The Rooster

Roosters are quick on their feet, and are especially witty. They know how to solve a problem on the spot, and are always on the go. Roosters are also control freaks in that they want to be able to have things, and folks, go their way. They also have high standards for others, and expect their co-workers, friends, and family to live up to them. Roosters are also very honest folks and will tell you what you want to know about them. They have excellent people skills, and are most likely to take jobs as sales people or journalists.

The Rabbit

If you are a rabbit, you are most likely the more bashful signs of the Chinese zodiac. You are attractive, and have a close circle of friends around you. Rabbits are also sensitive, and do not deal with conflict very well. They need someone around them who is going to be supportive at all times, and can thrive well with folks who will not take advantage of them.

The Monkey

The monkey is often the most exciting or funny person at a party of social gathering. They have many friends, and are not scared to make friends that are very different from one another. However, monkeys tend to put themselves first, and while other folks may take this the wrong way, it is simply a part of the monkey's nature. The monkey can also be very accident-prone, but he or she is not fazed by this, and has the great ability to bounce back.


The tiger is a born leader, and has a naturally authoritative personality. Nevertheless, tigers are very sensitive, and can often lose their tempers or get emotional without warning. Tigers are often moving very quickly trying to get things done and stay organized, but it would do them good to take some time for rest and reflection every once in a while.


The dragon is considered the luckiest sign in Chinese zodiac astrology. The dragon is cautioned not to let its ego get the best of them, since they will find success in love and career throughout life. Dragons are fun loving and intelligent, and can balance their fiery nature with a calming spirit. Dragons know how to keep folks motivated, and they give great advice to friends and family.